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Welp, I started watching Ringer, Suburgatory, Revenge, Hart of Dixie, Once Upon a Time, New Girl and Secret Circle this year. All new shows that started on ABC, Fox or CW and two were canceled and from CW.

Ringer; Staring Sarah Michelle Gellar it's about horrible green screen and a twin taking over the life of the other one after the latter apparently committed suicide. I stopped after about episode seven. Got cancelled.

Suburgatory; This was better than I expected it to be. I really enjoyed the side characters in it, mainly Dallas and Dahlia.

Revenge; This is my new guilty pleasure. It's like a soap opera with it's cheese and over dramaticness. Nolan Ross is my favorite character of them all.

Hart of Dixie; I don't know why I watch this. Rachel Bilson is not believable as a doctor and a surgeon to boot. It's okay for a CW show.

Once Upon a Time; I like the idea of this show, but it's by ABC and ABC is owned by Disney. So all the fairy tale versions are Disney versions to an extent. Well, I shouldn't say that because it's mainly the outfits, but you watch it and go DISNEY, I SEE YOU THERE. I think the only problem with this show is that it's the kind where you need to watch a few episodes in a row.

New Girl; I feel like this could be done as a romcom movie instead.

Secret Circle; Based off a book by the same person who wrote Vampire Diaries, and that's not saying much. This show was okay, but I did really enjoy the photo recaps on TV.com. Got Cancelled.

Next fall season should be interesting for shows!



The new Bleach chapters make me want to pick up Orihime again... GOD WHY IS SHE SO CUTE.



Tom Hardy came in to my store today. For those who are all "who?" I mean Eames, from Inception, Mr. You can't be afraid to dream a bit bigger darling. And OMG, he said darling when he politely refused to buy a warranty for his xbox games. He's so pretty, with nice eyes and the softest looking lips.


Well, I haven't posted anything in here since July, that's a long time. All in all, not much has been going on. My store closed at the end of August and now I'm at the Robson HMV. It's really big, the classical and Jazz section is bigger than my old store. I'm working on the DVD floor, but I also so far had shifts in the classical/Jazz department and the regular music floor. Aside from not being able to answer a lot of questions in the classical section, I didn't really mind it.

The people there are cool so far, though it almost feels like I'm back in High School in the sense that I'm in a class with a bunch of lulzy guys and I'm going all "REALLY GUYS? REALLY?" Oh I'm sure that I'll have stories about them soon enough.

In terms of adjusting to what I do there... not going so well. I'm from a smaller store, where I knew everything that was going on and needed to be done, I did the paperwork, the returns, the shift planner type things. Now though; I don't do any of that stuff. I ring in sales and help people, and it's really unnerving to me that there's suddenly nothing for me to do, because they have set people who do all that stuff. It almost feels like I got demoted, but I know I didn't, it's just that it's such a huge store so they have people hired to do all this stuff.

Dave told me that I should be enjoying this since I went from a chaos store to a place where I won't have to worry so much. It's just, very hard to get used to.

Only one more episode of True Blood left for this season. I'm not really keen on the direction they're taking Sam some days. It could be because I have all the books on a shelf, but whateves, it's an adaption.

I'm not really looking forward to any movies for the Holiday season except for Harry Potter and Black Swan. In terms of movies to DVD/ BRD, I'm really excited about Beauty & the Beast coming out. I have it on dvd, but now I can get it on bluray for my PS3. I've been neglecting my PS3, I haven't really played any of the games that I bought for it. Iron Man 2 comes out this month, I'm going to be getting that too and a bunch of Christmas specials too. OH, and Inception, I'll buy the pimpest set that comes out. The UK has an awesome one on the HMV site that I hope they bring over.

On the RP front... not much is going down. Though I did just suddenly wonder what will happen to Harry Potter based games once all the movies are done and over with. I think my work worry will transfer over to RP worry.


+ Saw Alice in Wonderland finally. I really wish I had downloaded it instead of renting it. The highlights were the Cheshire Cat, the March Hair, and Stayne's creepy face when he realized that Um was really Alice.

+ Inglourious Basterds was better than I was expecting. I don't really care for Tarantino's films, but I did like this one. Not Best Picture material though, Hurt Locker was still better.

+ Only one month left before our store closes. Sad face.



+ I just saw Eclipse! It was full of Jasper and made me very very happy. I think I like this one the best, even though it wasn't one of my favorite books.

+ No True Blood tonight. Sad face. Happy face though to all my American Flisters celebrating their American-ness.

+ And there's no really great way to put this. My Aunts boyfriend threatened to kill her and the kids last night but he just ended up shooting himself instead so now he's dead. Not sure how to feel since I never met the guy and we had a falling out with our Aunt. My mom is worried, but that's a given. It's her little sister, it's natural to be worried, even if she did sleep with your husband.


+ A RP based off of Fear Street would be a good idea, right? Does anyone even remember those books? I need opinions.

+ True Blood! I hate having to wait a week in between episodes. I'm not sure what I'll do when this season is over.

+ Working on stuff for SH. Whooooo. Ideas.

+ Shutter Island: Waste of a movie rental.

+ I reaaaaaaally want to see Toy Story 3.



+ Bill and Sam? NSIW... though it was kind of hot. Awkward at first, but kinda hot.

+ Naked Eric is always a good thing.

+ OH PAM! I love her.

+ Jason Stackhouse would sit in his fridge.



+ I finished watching and reading the True Blood series. I'm in love. Period.

+ The HMV location I work at is closing at the end of August. Boourns, but there are two in the mall anyways so they don't need the smaller one. I'll be transferring to the Robson location in September though. I'm glad that I got the transfer thought, I was freaking out for a week about having to find a new job.

+ I need some new RP muses. I've been thinking about someone from Supernatural or True Blood, but it's not easiest convert to a HP school background. I don't have any old ones that I want to bring back out.

+ Not much else...


I've only read the books and four episodes so far and just started book five, but seriously. Sookie and Eric should just be together. I ship it so damn hard.

TV wise though, Team Sam.

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